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arundoWeed Management Areas (WMAs) are local organizations that bring together landowners and managers (private, city, county, state, and federal) in a county, multi-county or other geographical area to coordinate efforts and expertise against invasive weeds.

The Mission of The Mojave WMA is to cooperate and coordinate activities necessary for the prevention and control of weeds in the Mojave Desert. The emphasis of these activities shall be focused on the prevention of weeds, and their expansion, through education and control.

Weed infestations in the Mojave Desert in California reduce the biological, agricultural, recreational, and economic value of the land and negatively impact the environment by suppressing native plant species. A coordinated approach among Federal, State and local agencies will improve the effectiveness of weed management efforts in the Mojave Desert. Weed management efforts may include site identification, public education, and mechanical, biological, chemical, and cultural control.

The Mojave Weed Management Area (MWMA) was formed to bring together various entities to address the growing weed infestations in the Mojave Desert Region.  Many meetings were held to determine the weed management area, develop the MOU and the Long Range Plan.  Over the years the funding for weed management has dwindled for all agencies.  This has made it difficult to continue the treatment of weed infestations that were mostly gone.  The agencies have pulled together to pool our resources and treat what we can where we can.    

The geographic scope of the MWMA includes the portion of San Bernardino County in the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District, the portion of Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park that resides within San Bernardino County. Participation in the MWMA is open to any public or private individual, organization, or agency interested in weed management, subject to signing the MWMA Memorandum of Understanding.

The MWMA meets quarterly at the National Parks Service at 2601 Barstow Rd, Barstow, California.